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Welcome to Wedgwood Academy North!  


We meet inside of Stovall UMC in Radcliff, Ky.


We offer the Fort Knox/Hardin and Meade County communities something that it needs. A private, Christian, homeschool co-op open to children of all learning abilities. 

We understand that there are other homeschool co-ops and private schools in this area, but we fill a gap. 

While most private schools will not enroll students with learning difference/disabilities, we do. This does not mean that we ONLY take students with disabilities. We accept students of ALL learning abilities. 

Our students are provided an individualized, student centered education. This means a student may be on one grade level in Math and a separate grade level in ELA/Reading. That is the beauty of individualized, student centered education. We will do what is best for each student.

We are not tied to one curriculum or the need to finish a book in a year. We look for mastery of content in each area taught before moving on to an new concept. This means students may complete a portion of a textbook in a year or two full textbooks. It will vary depending how they do in each subject.

While most co-ops require parents to stay during the school day we do not. We have a full staff. 

There are three programs available- A Full Time program, an Electives Only program, and a combination of both.

Full Time- Our full time program meets twice a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) from 8:30 - 3:00. During this time, students are instructed in core subjects (Math, LA, Reading, Science/U.S. History, Spelling and Spanish). In addition, students will have 3 recesses a day.  Students are sent home with 3 days worth of work to complete at home and return the following week. Teachers will grade work and provide report cards/progress reports. The cost for this program is $225/month.

Electives Only Program- This program meets 3 Fridays a month from 8:30 - 3:00. Students will receive instruction in many different subjects-Please see our Electives tab at the top of your page.

Of course we have lunch and recess as well. The cost of this program is $125/month.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Program- Our Kindergarten program meets on Wednesday and Thursday. Our program concentrates on play, fine and gross motor skills, pre-reading skills and math skills. The cost of this program is $225/month.

3 Day Program- Students in grades 1-12 may attend class on all 3 days (full time and elective).  The cost of the 3 day program is $290/month.

Wedgwood Academy North is unique as it offers something that other schools and co-ops do not.   We understand we are not the right fit for everyone. However, we believe we fill a need that has been neglected in this area.

If you do not find the answers to your questions on our website, please fill out the form on the "contact us" tab and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Rebecca Kline,


Why Us?

We believe we offer the best of of two worlds- home schooling and in-class education.

Full time students receive two days of instruction. Lesson planning is completed for each student as are grading/report cards. However, students are still homeschooled. 

We are here to assist home schooling families with the education process. Your input is not only helpful, but required. Parents and teachers meet each summer to discuss the appropriate curriculum/grade levels for their child. Each student's curriculum may be different depending on what is best for THEM.

In addition, we have a full staff of excellent teachers and do NOT require parents to stay during the school day. What does that mean for you? Time to get things done (appointments, errands, laundry, extra one on one time with your older kids, etc).

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