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8:20-8:30      Drop Off                    

We have 3, 30 minute recesses every day.

One in the morning, one before lunch and one in the afternoon. 

12:00                Lunch

 2:45 -3:00    Dismissal/Pick Up


We currently have openings in our  full time and elective programs.  If you are interested please go to our "contact page" and send us an email with your child's (academic) grade level and which program you are interested in and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule a tour.

General Information

-Our day starts at 8:20-8:30 with drop off and ends at 2:45-3:00 with pick up.

-We have 3, 30 minute recesses everyday. 

-We know how hard it can be to focus when we are hungry and when we are hungry we know our students probably are too. Therefor we encourage students to bring a snack to eat in the morning.

-We have a 30 minute lunch and also encourage students to bring a water bottle.

          Math, Spelling, Reading, Spanish and Language Arts/Writing are daily classes. Science and History are alternated every 9 weeks in grades 1-6.

            Students are grouped during school days by academic achievement in all subjects to allow individual acceleration and/or remediation in each subject area. This means that students may be in a lower level class to ensure their educational success.

            Instructors of grades 3rd - 12th use numerical averages to calculate grades. Progress reports will be sent home at week 5 of each grading period and report cards are sent home every 9 weeks.  There are 4 grading periods in the school year, and 2 semesters.

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