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                          Elective Classes

Our elective classes are set up by age or grade. 

They rotate through the classes throughout the day with a recess in the morning and afternoon and lunch in the middle. 

  Art- teaching age appropriate skills while learning about artists and their different style of art. 

 Music- learning to be respectful, quiet listeners while learning songs, using musical instruments and implementing that into our theater class.

  Theater-students learn stage presence, gain     confidence and perform a play at the end of each semester

STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Students learn hands on how science, technology, engineering and math are used every day in multiple ways.  

Study hall-students receive help with homework brought from home or assigned at WAN.

 Recess-a time for them to run, play, swing and use their imagination outside on our playground.  They will have a minimum of 2 recesses per elective day.


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